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Dr. Michael Barnett is a Jeffersontown dentist devoted to restoring and enhancing the natural beauty of your smile using conservative, state-of-the-art procedures that will result in beautiful, long lasting smiles!  At our conveniently located dental office in Jeffersontown, KY, we offer offer a variety of dental services including family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, treatments for craniofacial pain, and oral cancer screening.  Our focus on patient comfort and perfecting our craft allows us to provide dental restorations in the most caring and effective way possible. In order to better serve the diverse communities of Louisville, Jeffersontown, Hurstbourne & Douglas Hills, Stony Brook Dental Care offers a bilingual front office staff that is fluent in English and Spanish.  Patients can enjoy mercury free dentistry in our relaxed office environment.  

Patient Needs Take Priority

To help you develop the best oral health possible, Stony Brook Dental Care puts compassionate care as its top priority.

All too often, people with dental anxieties resist getting the cleanings or other dental attention they need due to fears of how dentists work. They imagine that dentists are intimidating and that dental procedures would be painful, causing significant hesitation in visiting the dentist.

However, this imagination of the dental experience isn’t what patients can expect with Dr. Michael Barnett. His particular technique in patient care is to be kind, caring, and compassionate to the needs of the patient. He takes the time to truly understand his patients’ needs and concerns, which allows him to avoid negative patient experiences. Stony Brook Dental Care is about helping patients in as many ways as possible. Dr. Barnett’s patient techniques are an important part of getting patients the help they need.

Additionally, our Jeffersontown dental practice has nitrous oxide and a cold dental laser available for use during more extensive procedures. Also known as laughing gas, nitrous is known for both inhibiting the sensation of pain and creates a euphoric feeling. As a result, not only do patients experience minimized physical discomfort during more complex procedures, such as dental implant placement and periodontal deep cleanings, but the relaxing effect of the gas helps to relieve mental stress caused by dental anxiety. After these procedures, Dr. Barnett can use the cold laser to help reduce any post-treatment facial swelling. Even in his choice of technology, Dr. Barnett thinks first of what would be most relaxing and comfortable to his patients.

Comprehensive Training

Kind and caring bedside manners and comforting technologies are not the only key features that Stony Brook Dental Care has to offer. We also have the training and skills of Dr. Barnett.

Dr. Barnett is one of the few dentists in the state of Kentucky to have fully-fledged sleep apnea and temporomandibular joint disorder training. His additional education and experience allows him to non-surgically treat these conditions. He also takes continuing education courses constantly, which allows him to provide such procedures as gum disease maintenance effectively and comfortably.

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Stony Brook Dental Care offers caring, quality services to several of the communities within Louisville Metro: Jeffersontown, Hurstbourne, Douglas Hills, Hurstbourne Acres, Forest Hills, Houston Acres, and Fern Creek. If you’d like to learn more about our practice, contact us today!

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