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As a person who has always been leery of dentists, and who has always dreaded regular appointments, I thought Stony Brook Dental care would be more of the same of what I've always been used to. I was wrong! Dr. Barnett and his staff treat their patients wonderfully. I'm always comfortable from the moment I walk in the door. They seem to have the latest technology and are very hospitable. The office and treatment of patients has a very 'high-end' feel that makes those trips to the dentist much more enjoyable!

Ashley S.

There is no better dental office than Stony Brook Dental Care. Dr Barnett makes you feel very comfortable and is always amazingly kind. The staff is one to brag about. I have never witnessed such professionalism and genuine care. I look forward to my dental visits every six months. Everyone is so dedicated and I greatly appreciate everyone so much for all your hard work and ability to create such a lovely environment!!! Shout out to Kristen: one awesome dental assistant!!

Amanda Z.

Exceptional service. Dental tech was very professional , thorough and kind. The entire staff makes one feel very welcome and appreciated. Top notch dental care.

Kevin H.

If this tells you anything, my fiance and I drive all the way from Michigan just to visit this dentist! The staff is always friendly and helpful, we genuinely enjoyed going to our appointments, and the prices are actually very good, especially compared to out-of-state dentists. We were treated really well and were so impressed, we decided to keep our dental appointments there even though we had to return to MI after my fiance's job was finished in Louisville. I tell everyone about this place, you should definitely go here!

Brynn H.

I always receive the best care when I visit Stony Brook Dental and this past visit was no exception. The staff is friendly and informative and I always feel comfortable and taken care of. Thank you.

Linda H.

Everybody at the office is very friendly . I have never felt so comfortable at the dentist office before coming here. From the minute you walk into the office until you leave, you are treated as a part of the family.

Michelle K.

The staff at Stony Brook Dental are all top notch. They are very friendly and personable and instantly put you at ease. I've been a patient there for so many years I can't even remember how long it has actually been. Dr. Barnett is an excellent dentist and someone that I would highly recommend.

Darlene Z.

Dr. Barnett and his team of professionals are always welcoming and completely knowledgeable regarding all of my dental care needs. Thank you so much.

Van N.

This office has all the latest techno-gadgetry. What made it a great experience though was that the people did not seem as though they were pushing procedures or adding items that would not be covered by insurance to keep revenues up. When I was having trouble adjusting to a crown, I was able to call and speak with someone right away or get a quick callback. I appreciated the attention.

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