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Mercury-Free Fillings in Louisville, KY

Cavities, one of the smaller forms of tooth decay, can be treated with dental fillings. When it comes to getting a filling, however, you have another option besides an amalgam of metals. Stony Brook Dental Care PLLC provides composite fillings in Jeffersontown, Hurstbourne, Douglas Hills, and the surrounding Louisville Metro communities. Call us today to reverse the effects of cavities without metal.

The Aesthetic Benefits of Composite

The primary reason to avoid amalgam fillings is the fact that they are made of silvery metals mixed into a solution. The color of the metal clashes with the shades of your natural teeth, causing these fillings to stand out when speaking. The beauty of your smile is a source of confidence, so anything that detracts from its aesthetic quality can be a detriment to your self-image.

Composite fillings are made from a white resin material, which allow them to blend into the smile much more effectively than amalgam. Using this cosmetic restoration allows our Louisville dentist to rebuild a tooth damaged by cavities while protecting, if not improving, the visual appeal of that tooth as well.

Composite’s Body Safety

Composite resin has a more pragmatic advantage over dental amalgam. This tooth-colored material is also more biocompatible than the metals and mercury in the metallic mixture.

To be sure, this does not mean dental amalgam is not body safe. Most patients are perfectly fine receiving a silver-colored filling. However, some patients have a rare allergy to some of the metals used in amalgam. For these patients, their health is at significant risk if they put the metallic mixture in their smile. Additionally, some patients are concerned over the fact that mercury is used to make amalgam fillings. While long-term exposure to the mercury within a filling is safe, avoiding this substance when possible to do so is the healthiest choice.

Composite fillings are a mercury-free option, preventing the hypothetical health problems that are associated with mercury. The resin is also completely hypoallergenic, so allergic reactions do not occur when these fillings are added to the smile.

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Stony Brook dental Care helps Jeffersontown and the rest of Louisville get the restorative care they need through composite fillings. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call our practice today.


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