Sleep Apnea and TMJ Disorders

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There is an answer for adults and children!

With proper evaluation and diagnosis, the conditions of Craniofacial Pain, Sleep Apnea and snoring can be successfully treated. At Stony Brook Dental Care in Louisville, Dr. Michael Barnett provides a comprehensive solution to sleep apnea  and TMJ using dental appliances that help patients finally achieve a full night's rest.  In fact, Dr. Barnett is one of the few dentists certified to treat sleep apnea and TMJ in the Louisville area. 

Our approach is comprehensive evaluation for proper diagnosis and non-invasive treatment therapies.  We provide successful results using state of the art technology and research based treatment in a caring friendly environment.  We recognize and treat each individual patient as a unique individual.

Sleep Apnea and Snoring

Sleep Apnea (suffocation) is defined as the absence of breathing during sleep.  A common reason for this medical condition is a poorly positioned jaw and / or tongue, which can lead to a blocked airway.  There is a 70% overlap between snoring and apnea in adults and children.  The American Association of Pediatrics 'Patient Parameters' recently stated all children should be screened for snoring and all children who snore should have a sleep study for evaluation of apnea because of ADD/ADHD and cardiovascular risk.

Symptoms associated with Sleep Apnea

   * Snoring-Frequent Nighttime Awakenings

   * Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

   * Morning Headaches

   * Heartburn and Gerd

   * Depression

   * Children- ADD/ADHD, Learning Disabilities, Bed wetting, Teeth Grinding, Snoring

Related Risk Factors

   * High Blood Pressure

   * Heart Attack

   * Stroke

   * Diabetes

 Providing Non-Surgical Therapies for Adults and Children

   * Craniofacial Pain- Head and Face

   * Primary Headaches and Migraines

   * TMJ Disorder

   * Sleep Apnea/ Snoring

   * Pediatric Sleep

   * Breathing Disorders and Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA)

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